Querbeet – literally across the veggie patch or flower bed – is a German adjective with several meanings, one of which being all over the place. I thought it was the perfect title for my blog because it allows me to write indiscriminately about different things I love … photography, hiking, road trips, food, music, language, cultural discoveries, and much more.

If you are new to the San Francisco Bay Area or are interested to see your home turf through the eyes of a not so recent arrival, this blog might just be the thing for you 🙂


Homemade jam

Jam is a sweet staple in many households but few people actually make their own! I certainly didn’t for the longest time, thinking the lovely flavor was probably difficult to achieve. Or with my luck the jars would explode. I also had that picture of my grandma pouring wax on the jam in my head, …

Beautiful Big Sur (Point Sur to Limekiln State Park)

In my last post, we explored beautiful Highway 1 from Point Lobos to Point Sur. Let’s continue our travel south! Andrew Molera State Park After crossing the Little Sur River and passing the Point Sur Lighthouse and Naval Facility, we reach Andrew Molera State Park, a less developed park with great hiking trails and beachcombing …